The new era of Comtesse

In 2020, the traditional company Comtesse heralds a new era. The manufactory of luxury handbags has been producing luxury leather goods for the global market for 90 years. The high-quality leather products are created in Germany. The handbags stand for timeless elegance, modern design, beauty and understatement.


We know our worth

The amazing craftsmanship of the founder A. D. Kopp and his great passion for the finest leather, coupled with the sense of design of his daughter Inge, formed the base for international expansion in the 1960s.


Courage, rebellion, reorientation – the values of this decade – were the driving force behind the development of the iconic handbag brand Comtesse. With a lot of creativity, personal commitment, passion and courage, the entrepreneur Inge Kopp developed the brand and carried the name into the world. Comtesse exports to South and North America as well to Asia, especially to Japan. The customer of Comtesse is an international, even royal one, like the Empress of Japan, who has been customers of Comtesse for many years.

The products, made from exclusive materials and with meticulous attention to detail, all follow the credo of underlining the elegance and femininity of their owner.


Because of health reasons Inge Kopp sold Comtesse to a group operating in the luxury segment. Since 2019 Comtesse is private property again. With respect for Comtesse’s previous successes and values, the owners are redesigning the future of the brand.



We crown it

Our internationally recognized designers follow a flattering design language. They offer timeless elegance, create high functionality and use noble materials. We will be recognized, but not at first glance. Therefore, we wouldn’t do oversized signets.


A handbag made of high-quality crocodile leather, here in a rich green (black watch) with a bright application and a brilliant effect. The crocodile leather gives Comtesse handbags a very special elegance. The Carla Neo is hand-made in Germany and can be equipped according to your individual needs. Personalization makes your Comtesse a valuable one-off.


Material – crocodile leather
Color – black watch
Size – 24,5 x 25 (40/84) x 12 cm (WHD)
Item no. – 7676


Cornelie, which can be seen here, is made from a bright red crocodile skin (cardinal) and a significant handle made from shiny silver. This handbag is a welcome companion for every evening occasion.


Material – crocodile leather
Color – cardinal
Size – 27 x 13,5 (21,5) x 8,5 cm (WHD)
Item no. – 7584


Cate Flap is an all-rounder for almost every occasion, that can be seen here, is made by a bordeaux-colored crocodile leather (Comtesse red). Every woman feels comfortable with »her«.


Material – crocodile leather
Color – comtesse red
Size – 27 x 20(32) x 10 cm (WHD)
Item no. – 7670


Because you’re worth it

The art of the fine handbag craftsmanship at Comtesse is carried out only by manufacturers and masters who have been trained for many years. All patterns are always available. In our German manufactory, we only produce individualized pieces and small series. We attach great importance to natural, high-quality materials that we can track until they are created. We develop designs that combine aesthetics and functionality to the highest level.


If something happens to your handbag, our employees can fix it without problems. A refurbishment of your Comtesse is possible at any time. Our Concierge Service is here to advise you individually. Upon agreement, we will bring your individualized dream bag personally to your home.


Our boutiques and stores are available in Japan. We would be happy to advise you individually on site. You can also meet us personally at exclusive events. For example, at the MBFW Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on January 15, 2020 in Berlin, together with Sportalm. We were also present on the IRIMARI Yacht, during the MYS Monaco Yacht Show, in September 2019 in Monaco and in December 2019 in the Hotel Imperial in Tokyo, where we celebrated the »Comtesse 90th Anniversary«.


The Comtesse Concierge

Whatever you desire, we can make your wishes come true. We advise you personally to find out which of our models will be your individual item. Our Concierge accompanies you, while your Comtesse will be created by our manufacturers.


It’s a pleasure for the Comtesse Concierge contacting you.